Here’s where you will find information on known issues, their current status, their resolution, and alternatives until their resolution. We’ll keep this updated in real-time, incorporating feedback from both customers and Stylists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Week Day Updates 5/29/2024

Customer Service Updates:

  • Working on tickets from 5/26/2024
  • Returns from 5/8 are being processed

Tech Updates:

Fixes Complete: 

  • 5/29 Tracking numbers are automatically being populated upon shipment in Virtual Office. This was previously a manual task done by customer service. 
  • 5/23 April 2024 Primary Bonus Statement is now opening and downloading properly.
  • 5/20 Missing parties that had been imported from previous system are now restored- this affected only a small number of Stylists.
  • 5/17 Wishlist attribution is now functioning. Stylists must be logged into their Stylist shopping account (email address tied to their Ruby Ribbon Stylist account, or logged in from the “Shop” button within VO) to make sure link attribution is included. Click here to learn how to use it.
  • 5/16 Party sales column on the party page is now reflecting PQV and not subtotals before discounts. This now matches the total volume shown within the party.   

New Issues:

  • 5/21 Orders moved from one Stylist to another while in a party are being removed from the party when the order is moved. The order is then not able to be moved into another party. This is with developers to fix, in the meantime, requests to have orders moved are delayed, in order to avoid having the party attribution removed from the order. 
  • 5/19 Orders placed in a party as a one time order by a customer not tied to the Stylist over the party- these orders are counting towards the volume in the party but are not showing in the party stylist’s VO. This was previously fixed, but there appears to be a bug causing it to not work on some orders. 
  • 5/15 Stylists with emails on,, and are reporting not receiving the emails generated by VO (customer purchase confirmation, VO welcome/registration). Requests for whitelisting have been submitted to Att and Apple to get clearance to email. In the meantime, Stylists can change their email to an alternate in their VO. 


  • Hostess email when party is closed- containing coupon code and expiration info- final stages of development, expecting final QA week of 5/24. Once this is live, the ability for Hostesses to close their parties themselves will be turned on.
  • New customers purchasing with a party link- orders in party but not showing in “Order History” – Developers have learned this seems to be a caching issue- is happening when a Stylist is placing multiple orders for different customers in a row. Looking at fix- in the mean time, use an Incognito browser window for each customer.
  • Sponsor email with new enrollment will be launching next week 6/3, due to reprioritization of tasks
  • Search by Stylist name when a customer selects a Stylist from 
  • Replacement orders and zero value orders are giving volume- this volume is being removed regularly in a manual process. Developers working on programming to make sure these don’t have volume from the onset. 
  • Return clawbacks- currently clawbacks are not live, and no volume or commissions are being withtheld after a return happens. Development is working on completion of this programming.

Where can I find my customers?

All of your customers that have purchased within the last two years will still be connected to your account. Currently a report titled “Customers” within the “My Business Reports” of Virtual Office shows only your customers that have purchased since December 2023. This is being actively worked on. In the meantime, you can see all of your customers within the Detailed Geneaology Report. Click here to watch a short video on how to do this.

How do I log into the new website?

Visit to login to your Virtual Office. Here you can view your business reports, set up and manage parties, and place orders. If you have never logged into the NEW Virtual Office, you will need to activate your account by clicking “Create Account”. Your login information from the previous site will not work. 

How do I place an order for a customer?

Ideally, we’d like your customers to visit your personal website link (or hostess’ party link) to place their own order, however, we understand that’s just not possible in some cases. Make sure you are logged out of your account on the shopping page. Then visit your PWS link and click shop. You should see confirmation that you’re in the right place by your name on the top of the page. Sometimes this can take a moment to load, so be patient, or try refreshing. Once your name appears – IT’S TIME TO SHOP! Simply select the items your customer wants and add to cart. At check out, you enter your customer’s email address. If she has shopped with you on the previous system, make sure you’re using the same email address. Fill out the shipping and billing information and hit submit. Once you’ve completed the order, she will be able to return to your site, and using that email address login and create a password. Click here for a walkthrough video.

When can my hostess close her party and redeem rewards?

We’re working hard to turn this functionality on for both you and your hostesses. We will be turning this functionality LIVE on April 17th, by end of day. Check out the video posted below on how to close out a party and redeem rewards to see a step by step guide.

Where can i view my support tickets?

Support tickets can be viewed by logging into the Ruby Ribbon Help Center. You will see a listing of all submitted tickets from your account and their status. Please note: you must use the same email when submitting tickets in order for them to show in your Help Center. From the Help Center page, click “Sign In” in the top right hand corner. If you have never logged in, click “Emailed us for Support? Get a password” to set up the account.